Asean Make Platelet incubators are microprocessor integrated systems designed to provide excellent stability of temperature for storage of platelet concentrates. Forced air circulation maintains uniform temperature throughout the unit.


Construction: Double walled: Outer wall of Mild steel powder coated and inner chamber of Stainless steel 304.

CONTROL PANEL: Control panel fitted at Right side of the Platelet incubator with the following electrical accessories:

  1. Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller
  2. ON/OFF Switch with Indicating Lamp
  3. Compressor (On/Off) Indicating Lamp.
  4. Chart Recorder

Temperature Range: 22˚C

Controller: Microprocessor based controller with LED Display, PID Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller, with   dual display of set Value and Process value for precise control of temperature.

Accuracy: ± 1˚C.

Resolution: 0.1˚C

Sensor: PT100.

Refrigeration System: CFC free refrigeration system with hermetically sealed  Imported  compressor.

Fan: Air circulation provided to maintain temperature uniformity.

Door: Toughened glass door  better visibility of platelet bags with durable magnetic rubber gasket

Fluorescent Lighting: Built-in lighting arrangement by low wattage lamp.

Insulation: PUF to minimize temperature loss

Caster: Solid Bush at the bottom of the Platelet Incubator

Fuse: Equipped with slow blow fuse for protection.

Alarm: Audio / Visual Alarms for Temperature Deviations

Chart Recorder: Seven Days Circular Chart Recorder Inkless And Ink

Safety Features: Safety standby thermostat.

Power Supply:  Single phase 230V, 50Hz, AC mains.

Platelet Agitator

Technical Specification:

Agitation: Flat bed agitator.

Trays: Pull Out type

Motor: Heavy duty motor with special drive ensures smooth and gentle agitation of platelets.

Power Supply:  Single phase 230V, 50Hz, AC mains.

  • Stabilizer
Model ASE-PAI-20 ASE-PAI-40
No.of Bags 20 40
Temperature Range 22°C.
Controller Microprocessor based controller
Temp.Accuracy ± 1˚C.
Construction Double walled: Outer wall of Mild steel powder coated and inner chamber of Stainless steel 304.
Insulation PUF Insulation
Refrigeration CFC Free Refrigeration
Alarm 1)  Audio-visual alarm for high/low temperature. 2) Door Ajar Alarm
Air Circulation Forced Air Circulation
Recorder Circular Chart Recorder- Seven Days (Ink Pen (OR) Thermal)
Power 230 Volts 50 HZ AC mains.
  • Microprocessor Based Temperature controller
  • Easy-to-operate controller panel
  • Large and bright LED display of temperature
  • Equipped with Imported Compressor
  • CFC free refrigerant
  • Audible and visual alarms